you MUST avoid these deep-rooted marathon training mistakes..
'traditional' coaches told us the past 40 years
 This program is not designed for the running elite, but for people like you and me, living a busy life with work, family and friends, who want to run solid marathons in 3 - 5 1/2 hours, over and over again. 

In ALL marathon training sessions I did in the past I noticed the SAME issues over and over again with my running students. Training runs were getting longer and longer- without really making any progress. 

No one wanted to admit it... But we found this applies to 99% of all runners who are training the 'classic' way with those weekly endless 50+ mile long and slow training runs.

My 9-Mile Marathon training system runs counter to what traditional coaches told us the past four decades. Yes, it's disruptive, breaking with what most coaches will tell you today. 

It is hard to believe at first.

"I noticed something was terribly wrong with the 'classic' marathon training schedules. 

In The 9-Mile Marathon training concept I will challenge your beliefs about what's really needed to generate results from your marathon training efforts.
First, I didn't realize I had discovered a different approach to running, training and living entirely.

Now I got it down to a predictable and repeatable new marathon running science, not what you are likely to read anywhere else. 

Today, thousands of marathon runners from all over the world use the 9-Mile Marathon training system to dramatically and consistently change their training output. 

We're about to dive into one of the most divisive topics in the running society. 

It's called The 9-Mile Marathon for a reason.."

Marlies Kort
Marathon Training Expert
Creator and Founder The 9-Mile Marathon
Ironman 70.3 World Champion F40
Marathon Berlin pb 2h47
Winner NY Marathon Female non-pro
Full Ironman Boulder Colorado 2019 marathon split 3h40
That's why we developed The 9-Mile Marathon Training System..
"In my new book I'm Revealing The Shocking Truths About Why So Many 'Classic' Training Schedules Are Failing Miserably… 

The deep-rooted marathon training mistakes you must avoid.

You'll find a provocative NEW reality on marathon training principles, a refreshing new vision and insights, background information and schedules on finishing your marathons STRONG.
Because your marathon running success is based on how well your marathon training converts. Period.
You can choose to ignore this fact and bury your head in the sand. Or, you can read this book cover to cover and make sure this approach not only make sense but is right for you..

The 9-Mile Marathon is not a shortcut. By no means. I’ve boiled it down to 3 radical new training concepts. 
AFA*, ESS** and MTF***
" I'll be asking you to acknowledge new provocative marathon training truths being hidden from you.. and to AVOID those deep-rooted marathon training mistakes 'traditional' coaches are still telling us. New insights regarding training schedules, your energy supply, a provocative new view on essential running form/technique, accumulated fatigue avoidance strategies. 

Precisely because The 9-Mile Marathon runs counter to what traditional coaches told us the past four decades, it is crucial you gather information and understand the basics of AFA, ESS and MTF. When you separate yourself from the masses you need to be armed with solid background information because people will want to take you down, even concerned training peers. You need answers to not only quell their doubts but mostly to flush out and kill off any lingering ones tucked deep away in your own psyche."
a tremendous shift
It's critical know-how that will change the way you look at your current training program. If you've been concerned in the past that you can't succeed with your marathon running goals and dreams, you can put those fears to rest now. You just need the right system that shows you how to make it happen, without the traditional 'you-need-to-run-18 miles-or-more-every-weekend' training dogma.
the 9-mile marathon Training System ..
(this is just a fraction of what you'll get)
  • ​Explains Why Those Endless Long and Slow 18+mile Training Runs Are The No.1 Reason For Failure (page 68);
  • ​Helps you to Run SOLID Marathons Over and Over Again (page 197);
  • ​Makes You Feel Like You Can Keep Going Forever (page 49);
  • ​Realistically Predicts Your Marathon Finish Time +/- 5 mins (page 171);
  • ​Initiates A New Metabolic Fat-burning State through ESS**- the Energy Supply Switch (page 89);
  • ​Learns you How To Apply the AFA* concept -Accumulated Fatigue Avoidance; No More Feeling Worn Out Halfway Your Training Program (page 93);
  • ​Highly Reduces Risk On Repetitive Stress Related Injury (page 17);
  •  Better Synchs Your Training Schedule With Your Social/Family Life (page 233)
The MAIN Reason for Failure
Bottom line is, You Do NOT Need to run those endless long and slow 18+mile training runs in order to FINISH your marathon STRONG. In fact, they are the MAIN REASON for failure.
The 9-Mile Marathon is the ONLY comprehensive training system on the market today, to consistently run solid marathons, based on max 9-mile training runs, AFA*, ESS** and MTF***.
*Your Physiology: AFA - Accumulated Fatigue Avoidance, **Your Metabolism: ESS - Energy Supply Switch and ***MTF, Manageable Technique under Fatigue
And yes, it's different from what most 'classic' coaches told us the past 40 years... 
We'll explain to you in detail WHY most of us experience difficulties with finishing strong when you're following the classic high mileage below-race-pace training schedules. How the traditional marathon training methods, based on those endless long and slow training runs, are the #1 REASON for so many runners to quit or fail. 
Reverse the mistakes of the past..
We're addressing the controversial topic why you should NOT run those long and slow training runs below your marathon race-pace. The long and slow training runs we've been told the past 40 years to be the holy grail. Why they are the MAIN reason for not making it even to the starting line due to all sorts of accumulated fatigue and repetitive stress injury. For not being able to finish strong and enjoy the final miles. We'll give you DETAILED in depth explanation of AFA*, ESS** and MTF***, new running and training concepts, including finish time prediction tables and training schedules.
Marlies Kort, Founder of The 9-Mile Marathon
How do I know? Well, I've been there, too, and done all that.
Everything you've been told about running those 'marathon required' endless long and slow miles, everything you've been told about exhausting 50+ miles per week marathon training schedules, everything you've been told about the need to stuff yourself with carbs in order to be able to finish, is a BIG. FAT. LIE.

How do I know? It's less than 5 years ago.. and I felt like a complete failure. In The 9-Mile Marathon you'll read about how my world fell apart in 2014, my unimaginable Ironman 70.3 World Championship win in 2015, my marathon pb of 2h47 in Berlin and the striking breakthrough when I found the secrets of training "The 9-Miler Way" that very same period..

Can you imagine what would happen if you actually KNEW the same truth right now? 

If you’re ready to stop floating and start making significant progress towards your running goals, dreams, and aspirations, click the button below and fill out your name to start learning about training The 9-Miler Way. I have a downloadable 256-page eBook/reference guide ready for you with background information, facts, figures, schedules and tables. AUDIObook and 'real' paperback are optional."

Marlies Kort
Marathon Training Expert - The 9-Mile Marathon
Here's What To Do Next
The "cost" of the 256-page book is just $8.95, and you get it instantly as a download. No shipping and handling fees, no additional costs.

You start learning right away.
As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to download the book directly in your email. You'll get the book instantly as a download. You can access it anywhere, immediately.

The book is easy to read, 256 pages, including training schedules and heart rate test protocol.

You will ALSO receive an offer to access my 9Miler4Life video online TRAINING & COACHING portal 7 days for FREE, and the option to order the Paperback Book and AUDIObook at checkout.

The -optional- free 9Miler4Life video Training and Coaching service includes my:
1. DAY-to-DAY training instructions
2. Test protocol how to find your marathon heart rate running sweet spot
3. Personal Running Form Video Analysis Program
4. Strength and Interval Video Training Program
5. Free access to my Live Webinar Sessions on nutrition and fat-metabolism

Oh, and in case you're wondering ...
There is no catch! 
I realize this is very inexpensive you might wonder what the "catch" is.
Well, there isn't one. 

I'm literally giving you this entire book, with extensive background information, schedules and much more, for just $8.95, together with the FREE 7-day trial access to the training portal with instructions, day-to-day coaching and video's as a means of demonstrating real value. My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start for you to enjoy running and training your marathons "The 9-Miler Way' too.

You are free to make use of my personal running technique video analysis program (yes I will personally evaluate your running video), my series of nutritional LIVE webinars for endurance athletes to initiate your fat-metabolism, the day-to-day email based 90-day coaching program for your next marathon, and much more!

No obligations, just options. Cancel anytime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. For now, enjoy reading the book and your FREE 7-day access to the online 9Miler4Life video online training and coaching platform.

Marlies Kort
Founder and Creator of The 9-Mile Marathon training system

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You'll get the book instantly as a download. You can access it anywhere, immediately. You will also get FREE 7-DAY trial offer to access my TRAINING & COACHING portal with dozens of training video's, tips&tricks, background information about training The 9-Miler Way and running instructions. The "cost" of this 256-page book AND the free 7-day trial option is just $8.95. As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to download the book directly in your email and access to the free training & coaching zone.
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AUDIObook and Paperback versions available.
"It’s easy to get wrapped up in following those ‘standard’ training schedules. Marlies teaches us how we can do without the old ’no pain no gain’ mantra. It is new, and yes, disruptive. Breaking with what most coaches tell you today. Her program opened my eyes too. There isn’t any other marathon training program like it. Marlies a rebel? Well yes, maybe. But for sure a VERY clever one!"
-Dan Blankenship, Head Coach RVA Team Richmond
"I normally would not take time to write so much about a product, but I am so amazed and thankful for the results from this program, I simply had to let you know how this has changed my training (and life) in such a positive way. This will likely allow me to keep training and swimming, biking and running and hopefully for years if not decades to go!"
-Robert Bechtel, Cincinnati OHIO
"Marlies, you had my race figured out almost spot on. I finished at 4:08. Not my fastest, but it was the BEST I ever felt in the final 10K. I was passing everyone and I felt amazing through the whole race, especially the end I was feeling strong. I could have kept on running after I was done. Doesn't feel like a ran a marathon since it was, shall I dare say, easy?!
-Sandy Lawson Member of RVA Marathon Team Richmond

"So yes, I was probably in a perpetual state of permanent overtraining. Then I saw your face on youtube and book, and the aha moment came and I figured I would give your system a run for the money. Just by reading your book it seems that the speed work will get the HR at a lower level for the 9 mile runs, therefore increasing those runs speed to meet the MHR (your system' hr 'sweet spot'). Pretty sneaky concept all while staying fresher. Win win! Thanks again! Attached is a recent photo at my last Masters of All Terrain Race. 
-John Short, Florida, Top AG Finisher, Ultra & Trail Runner

Their stories will be yours:
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The 9-MileMarathon Training System is NOT a “start to run” program.

In order to be able to follow my training program you have to run for at least one year, be able to run 6 miles in less than 75 minutes and you have to be in good physical shape according to your doctor, ready to start with the 90-Day marathon training program. When you are in doubt, tell your doctor about the 9-mile marathon training concept and ask his advise. Please always follow the advise of your doctor. 

I’m using the numbers and the references from myself, my students and the experiences from others for example purposes only. The numbers and indications stated in any of my publications (books, ebooks, audiobooks, blogs, video's, emails, Facebook, Instagram, interviews etc. etc.) are my personal references and based on my personal references. Please understand my advises and results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing running and triathlon for more than 20 years, and have an established following as a result. I have the benefit of having a specific running talent, experience, running background and physical condition that allows me to successfully run fast sub-3 hour marathons and win triathlons The 9-Miler way. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…. including but not limited to your running background, experience, physical condition, talent and training ethic.

All running and running training programs entail risk as well as consistent effort and action from your side: running and training 'the classic' way, based on endless long and frequent training runs entails risk, as well as new, 'modern' training methods based on less training miles, combinations of running and walking, constant heart rate based training programs, and f.i. programs based on running less hours/week, relatively more recovery time and rest. There is ALWAYS risk involved in practicing endurance sports and endurance running in particular, that may cause serious injury or even death. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PROGRAM. 

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