The 9-Mile Marathon
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The DEEP-Rooted Marathon Training Mistakes You MUST Avoid..
And how traditional training Schedules are the #1 REASON for NOT Making It To The Starting Line...
Marlies Kort- Creator and Founder of The 9-Mile Marathon Training System
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The 9-Mile Marathon reveals how to consistently run solid marathons, different from what 'classic' coaches told us the past 30 years, based on MAX 9-mile training runs, always training at your MHR*, AFA* and ESS*.
*MHR - Marathon Heart Rate Sweetspot **Your Physiology: AFA - Accumulated Fatigue Avoidance ***Your Metabolism: ESS - Energy Supply Switch
In my fast reading PAPERBACK (256 Pages) I'm revealing the NEW concepts on HOW you can finish your next marathon STRONG, without those ENDLESS long and slow 18+ mile training runs. With new visions and insights, background information, tables and detailed schedules. I want you to have the book for free, you just cover the shipping and handling.
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The 9-Mile Marathon will help you to:
  • Run SOLID Marathons Over And Over Again..
  •  Without Those Endless Wear and Tear 18+ Mile Training Runs
  •  Learn How To Finish Strong, Close To Your Predicted Finish Time
  •  Feel Like You Can Keep On Going Forever
  •  Save Time: Train with Less Stress On Your Social/Work/Family- Life 
  •  Highly Reduced Risk On Repetitive Stress Related Injuries
  •   Mental and Physical Training System
That's why I developed The 9-Mile Marathon training system..
Marathon training schedule from well known 'traditional' coaching program based on weekly +3 hrs long-runs for age-group athletes with 10k racetime of 60 mins. 
"Why do most of us have difficulties with those endless long and slow long-runs? Is it physiological? Mental, adrenal, hormonal? 
In The 9-Mile Marathon I'll explain to you in detail how the traditional marathon training methods are the #1 REASON for NOT making it to the starting line, get injured and finally quit doing what you love so much.
Now here's the fact:
YOU DO NOT NEED to run those endless long and slow 18+ mile training runs in order to finish your marathon better than ever..
I'm revealing the cleverly balanced, step-by-step program to consistently run solid marathons at those 'big events'. Without any of those long and slow 'long-runs. And yes, that's new! Different from what 'classic' coaches have been telling us the past 30 years. With only 9-mile training runs. At max..

The 9-Mile Marathon is the ONLY comprehensive training system on the market today to consistently run solid marathons, based on MHR*, ESS*, AFA*, (core-)strength training, speed work and max 9 miles training runs.

They say what 9-Milers are doing is impossible.. Yet it's happening EVERY day! Over and over again.
From: Marlies Kort - Creator and Founder
"To each there comes this special moment... when you are figuratively 'tapped' on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to you and fitted to your current situation.
My 'tap on the shoulder' came in 2014..
In The 9-Mile Marathon you'll read about my NYC Marathon overall non-pro win in 2h52, how my world fell apart in 2014, the unimaginable Ironman World Championship win in 2015 and the striking breakthrough when I found the secrets of training "The 9-Miler Way" that very same year..
Today I'm on a mission to share this NEW way of marathon training with you, to consistently run solid marathons while living a busy life with work, family and friends at the very same time. "

Marlies Kort

They Laughed When I Told Them She'd Make A Strong Marathon Finish With MAX 9-Mile Training Runs.


In The 9-Mile Marathon (FREE 256-page Paperback) I'm revealing the SHOCKING truths about the devastating effects of training the classic ‘high mileage’ way. The classic training system is KILLING you, like boiling the frog slowly.


What if I told you that you DO NOT need to run those ENDLESS long and slow training runs to finish your marathons STRONG?

What if I told you that MOST of what you hear about marathon training and the required training miles is dead wrong?

I didn't see it until that day.

Interesting right? In The 9-Mile Marathon I got it down to a predictable and repeatable NEW marathon running science. 

For people like you and me, age-group running enthusiasts, living a busy life with work, family and friends at the same time.
The 9-Mile Marathon (256-page Paperback) retails for $19.95 but I'll give it to you for free. I just ask that you pay handling/shipping to receive it ($12.95 for US and international, anywhere else in the world). Just tell us where we need to ship your copy: Click Here
"The 9-Mile Marathon has the POWER to completely change the way you are training, Racing and living!"
For Runners Like You And Me, Who Love To Run At Those 'Big Events', Living A Busy Life With Work, Family And Friends At The Very Same Time.
"It’s easy to get wrapped up in following those ‘standard’ training schedules. Marlies teaches us how we can do without the old ’no pain no gain’ mantra. It is new, and yes, disruptive. Breaking with what most coaches tell you today. Her program opened my eyes too. There isn’t any other marathon training program like it. Marlies a rebel? Well yes, maybe. But for sure a VERY clever one!"
-Dan Blankenship, Head Coach RVA Team Richmond

"I normally would not take time to write so much about a product, but I am so amazed and thankful for the results from this program, I simply had to let you know how this has changed my training (and life) in such a positive way. This will likely allow me to keep training and swimming, biking and running and hopefully for years if not decades to go!"
-Robert Bechtel, Cincinnati OHIO
"Marlies, you had my race figured out almost spot on. I finished at 4:08. Not my fastest, but it was the BEST I ever felt in the final 10K. I was passing everyone and I felt amazing through the whole race, especially the end I was feeling strong. I could have kept on running after I was done. Doesn't feel like a ran a marathon since it was, shall I dare say, easy?!
-Sandy Lawson Member of RVA Marathon Team Richmond

"So yes, I was probably in a perpetual state of permanent overtraining. Then I saw your face on youtube and book, and the aha moment came and I figured I would give your system a run for the money. Just by reading your book it seems that the speed work will get the HR at a lower level for the 9 mile runs, therefore increasing those runs speed to meet the MHR (your system' hr 'sweet spot'). Pretty sneaky concept all while staying fresher. Win win! Thanks again! Attached is a recent photo at my last Masters of All Terrain Race. 

-John Short, Florida, Top AG Finisher, Ultra & Trail Runner

The training plan offers a predicted finish time for your marathon based on the testing you perform and your prior race results. For me my predicted marathon finish time was 3 hours and 10 minutes. This is exactly what I needed for a Boston Qualifying time, so was hoping this would be correct as it would take seven minutes of my personal best time. Which is quite ambitious! Well... here's the result:

-Vince Sesto, Auckland, New Zealand

What's Inside The Book
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Table of Contents: AFA (Accumulated Fatigue Avoidance) and ESS (Energy Supply Switch)
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Page 22-23: ..reduce the number of hours on training. In a RADICAL way. Like less than 50%..
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Page 20-21: ..Then it started to HAPPEN! I started to feel stronger. I mean STRONGER! Like I never...
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Page 60-61: Frank finished NYC in 3:41. Extremely fit. He even managed to accelerate the last 2-3..
'What I hear most is "Hey coach, please HELP. I'm STUCK!!! I train harder and harder, PUSH myself, but I'm not really getting any better! When I trained the traditional way, the first 2 or 3 long runs were ok, but then they were KILLING me. I can't go on like this! I was supposed to be getting stronger but I started to feel drained instead."

To most, the traditional high mileage training schedules are wearing you out, like boiling the frog slowly.. 

After more than 25 years of competing and coaching, I realized this happens to 90% of all age-groupers, running marathons in like 3 and 6 hours.

The 9-Mile Marathon is a completely new, smart & cleverly balanced, comprehensive marathon training system. It is the ONLY comprehensive training system on the market today to consistently run solid marathons, based on max 9 miles training runs. An innovative, predictable and repeatable new running science. 

They Say What 9-Milers Are Doing Is Impossible.. Yet It's Happening EVERY Day! Over And Over Again.'

Marlies Kort - Creator and Founder - The 9-Mile Marathon - 9Miler4Life
So If You’ve Been STRUGGLING With Your Marathon Training, When You Feel WASTED After Those 18+ Mile Long Runs And When PROGRESS Is Staying AWAY..

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 I want EVERY Runner In- and Outside the US to be able to Learn about RUNNING and LIVING The 9-Miler WAY. The 9-Mile Marathon (256 page paperback 'real' book) retails for $19.95 but I just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it ($12.95 US and for international anywhere else in the world).
The 9-Mile Marathon has already helped countless runners around the world...
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The 9-MileMarathon Training Program is NOT a “start to run” program.

In order to be able to follow my training program you have to run for at least one year, be able to run 6 miles in less than 75 minutes and you have to be in good physical shape according to your doctor, ready to start with the 90-Day marathon training program. When you are in doubt, tell your doctor about the 9-mile marathon training concept and ask his advise. Please always follow the advise of your doctor. 

I’m using the numbers and the references from myself, my students and the experiences from others for example purposes only. The numbers and indications stated in any of my publications (books, ebooks, audiobooks, blogs, video's, emails, Facebook, Instagram, interviews etc. etc.) are my personal references and based on my personal references. Please understand my advises and results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing running and triathlon for more than 20 years, and have an established following as a result. I have the benefit of having a specific running talent, experience, running background and physical condition that allows me to successfully run fast sub-3 hour marathons and win triathlons The 9-Miler way. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…. including but not limited to your running background, experience, physical condition, talent and training ethic.

All running and running training programs entail risk as well as consistent effort and action from your side: running and training 'the classic' way, based on endless long and frequent training runs entails risk, as well as new, 'modern' training methods based on less training miles, combinations of running and walking, constant heart rate based training programs, and f.i. programs based on running less hours/week, relatively more recovery time and rest. There is ALWAYS risk involved in practicing endurance sports and endurance running in particular, that may cause serious injury or even death. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PROGRAM. 

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