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train less. finish strong, and Feel Good.
My 256-page ebook includes in depth background information, schedules, new training concepts MHR, AFA and ESS, a new personal pacing system, the 90-day training program, dozens tips&tricks.
In my new 256-page book The 9Mile Marathon you will get detailed information on HOW to start training and living The 9Miler Way. Today more than 10.000 runners from all over the world are following my program.
Many 9Milers finish their marathon faster than they ever thought possible. Marathon running has become part of their life; happy to train, perform well, within the context of a big life.
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"With The 9Mile Marathon training system I am challenging the beliefs of my running students about what's really needed to generate results from their marathon training efforts.

Finish marathons strong, over and over again, without those endless long and slow 18+mile training runs. The 9-Mile Marathon Training System runs counter to what traditional coaches told us the past 40 years...

Many 9Milers finish their marathon faster than they ever thought possible. Marathon running has become part of their life; happy to train, perform well, within the context of a big life."

Marlies Kort - Marathon Training Expert -pb 2h47 Berlin
This is what you will get:
✔︎ A New Set of Training Basics to Run SOLID Marathons Over And Over Again;
✔︎ DEEP Understanding How Fewer Miles Based Training Leads to Better Results;
✔︎ The 9Mile Specific 90-Day Training Program with Schedules;
✔︎ How To Finish At Your Predicted Finish Time;
✔︎ How Nutrition and Fatigue Accumulation Are No.1 Performance Killers;
✔︎ Strategies To Faster Recovery From Both Trainings AND Races;
✔︎ Increased Overall Fitness, Core Strength & Stability;
✔︎The Feeling Like You Can Keep On Going Forever
Don't Just Take My Word For it..
"I could've kept running for miles more!"
"What A Day!!! My First Marathon And I Did It!!!"
"Now I Feel I Can Accomplish Whatever Goal I set Myself."
Riley Nalder 2019 marathon No. 1: "This program definitively works hands off"
Riley Nalder 2019 marathon No. 2: "People kept cheering GO 9MILER!"
The Smarter Way to Train for just a few bucks
"Berlin completed, predicted time 4:29, finished time 4:20."
"I Paced This Race Better Than I Ever Paced and I felt Less beat up"
"This program works!"
"I would like to thank Marlies kort for her method"
The Smarter Way to Train for just a few bucks
"I set my Garmin and Off I started!"
"I'm in week 2 of the 9Mile schedule.."
"Train less. Finish strong. Feel good."
The Smarter Way to Train for just a few bucks
"This plan really worked for me"
"Had some good results with this plan"
The Smarter Way to Train for just a few bucks
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The 9Mile Marathon Training System is NOT a “start to run” program.

In order to be able to follow my training program you have to run for at least one year, be able to run 6 miles in less than 75 minutes and you have to be in good physical shape according to your doctor, ready to start with the 90-Day marathon training program. When you are in doubt, tell your doctor about the 9-mile marathon training concept and ask his advise. Please always follow the advise of your doctor. 

I’m using the numbers and the references from myself, my students and the experiences from others for example purposes only. The numbers and indications stated in any of my publications (books, ebooks, audiobooks, blogs, video's, emails, Facebook, Instagram, interviews etc. etc.) are my personal references and based on my personal references. Please understand my advises and results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter. I have the benefit of practicing running and triathlon for more than 20 years, and have an established following as a result. I have the benefit of having a specific running talent, experience, running background and physical condition that allows me to successfully run fast sub-3 hour marathons and win triathlons The 9Miler way. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…. including but not limited to your running background, experience, physical condition, talent and training ethic.

All running and running training programs entail risk as well as consistent effort and action from your side: running and training 'the classic' way, based on endless long and frequent training runs entails risk, as well as new, 'modern' training methods based on less training miles, combinations of running and walking, constant heart rate based training programs, and f.i. programs based on running less hours/week, relatively more recovery time and rest. There is ALWAYS risk involved in practicing endurance sports and endurance running in particular, that may cause serious injury or even death. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PROGRAM. 

By using, downloading and/or purchasing any of our products, advises, programs, tips&tricks or services you acknowledge and agree to our Terms. You are provided access to the Terms on this page.

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